『いくら背伸びをしてみても 相変わらず地球はじっくり回ってる。 今自分に出来ることを ひたすらに流されずにやってみよう。』 “少年” by ゆず
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Tasks in a short term
2005-10-28 Fri 19:13
The number of task has been increasing, so I'm sorting.

Ⅰ.About School

1. Prodeeding for scholarship(until Mon)
2. Submit of papers for studying abroad(until Thu)
a. receiving the letter of recommendation from a teacher(Tue)
b. getting touch with the teacher to request it from another(asap)
3. Reviwing French(until next next Mon)
4. Report of First Year Seminar2A(until Mon)
5. Writing Assignment(until Mon)
6. Writing Survey(ASAP)
7. Writing Summary&Opinion(ASAP)
8. Report of First Year Seminar2B(until Mon)
9. Report of impression of a Documentary, First Year Seminar2B(until Mon)
10. Reading assignment of Economics(until Tue)
11. Studying about PS for mini test(until Wed)
12. Preparation of presentation about CellPhone in IE class(until Wed)
13. Writing summary for IE class(until Thu)
14. Preparation of Presentation in FYS2A(until 7 Nov)

Ⅱ.About Sympo

1. The construction of my first discussion.
2. The construction of my second(?) discussion.
3. Study about Glabalization and Economics.
4. Read the reports by World Bank.

Ⅲ.About MUN

1. Research.
2. Grouping.

Ⅳ. Others

Think about some things deeply(until Wed)
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Study Abroad
2005-10-22 Sat 02:20
I keenly feel that my prospect of study abroad was quite positive.

There are too many things which I should research!!

I used to think about only fuculties and programs.

Below is my present candidate universities.

1.Tronto University(EX)
2.University of Washington(EX)
3.London University, School of Oriental and African Studies(EX)
4.American University(ISA)
5.Queensland University(TSA)

Now, my biggest concern is whether I have enough proficiency in English to study at partner universities.

I'm not a returnee. Neither I have studied abroad.
Even if I passed selection and went abroad, would I really manage it?

Well, anyway, I'm writing the plan of study abroad in both of Japanese and English.

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Study abroad
2005-10-10 Mon 00:49
As I wrote yesterday, now I'm wondering about what university I should go on.

For now, my priorities are like below.

1. English countries
2. Whether I can study what I wanna study
3. Exchange Programme
4. Cost
5. TOEFL score
(6. MUN lol)

1. The biggest reason is that I'm not sure to go well in both areas of study and daily life. Even in English, I have many troubles in study and communication. So, I don't wanna even imagine to use ANOTHER language for study abroad.
Therefore, candidate countries are US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore.

2. This is also important for me. As long as I get a rare chance to study abroad, I wish to study what I wanna study.
Now, what I'd like to study are Development Cooperation, International Relations, Educational Development, and Economic Development.

3. The reason is simple, other programmes are too expensive for me!!

4. It's impossible such as 15,000$ or 20,000$ programme fee!!

5. My final score is 237 in CBT. So I can choose university in a certain free extent.

I don't care about the number of Japanese students so much,
though the smaller the number is, the better it is for me.

Thinking of all conditions, the candidate universities are ①Singapore Management University, ②The University of Toronto, ③The University of Washington(Seattle), ④University of Newcastle upon Tyne, ⑤McGill University, ⑥Lewis & Clark College, ⑦Royal Holloway, University of London, ⑧Furman University, ⑨The University of Edinburgh, ⑩University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), ⑪The University of Calgary, ⑫York University

.....Too much
Gosh, will I have to check all of these universities? It'll a really dull work('Д';)
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Hard days
2005-10-08 Sat 00:19
These days I'm too busy!!

I'm asking myself why I'm such busy now!
Below is my task list.

1.Application to study abroad
I've not even dicided schools. It's urgent! I must hurry up.

2.Construction of discussions that I'm in charge of
This is also urgent! I'm still in the stage of framework.

3.Advertisement of Sympo27
I have to go publicity around Waseda University.

4.Plannning of training camp of Sympo27
Also I'm in charge...

5.Reading assignments of SILS
Gosh, I must read over 40 pages of English and some French.

Now, many things that are necessary for daily life such as rice, foods, are in short now! Excepting them, I'd like to buy a shirt and a tie, books and so on!

7.Research for MUN
Just before, the countries were announced. I'd like to take charge of an easy country for research lol.

8.Sending papers to realtor
It's dull work.

Well, though I don't wanna even imagine, there might be other tasks... Everyone, please be careful of overworking.
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