『いくら背伸びをしてみても 相変わらず地球はじっくり回ってる。 今自分に出来ることを ひたすらに流されずにやってみよう。』 “少年” by ゆず
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2005-08-27 Sat 01:12
Because I hadn't renewed for 3days, some of you might think that I got lazy again. BUT, it's not true. In fact, I took part in an event of AISEC, Progress2005 in this 3days.

It was a kind of workshop about development assistance. I could have heavy intellectual times, and they were very interesting and incentive. In addition to great staffs, teachers who came to as guests were also famous and superior. I really enjoyed it!!!

oops, I'm getting more and more sleepy, this seems to be because I had done what I'm not used to such as specific planning. And Fourtunately, I could entried final presentation♪ My plan was about education in slum, and it had its contents been checked by professionals. It was a really good discipline for me.

ooooops, it seems to be that I'm on the edge to sleep or awake. I'm going back to my home and going my bed. See you.
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