『いくら背伸びをしてみても 相変わらず地球はじっくり回ってる。 今自分に出来ることを ひたすらに流されずにやってみよう。』 “少年” by ゆず
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2005-09-27 Tue 23:35
Today was a lenghy day. Well, but it may be OK because I had been too busy these days.

Firstly, I wanted to go for having my hair cut. It was over 2monthes ago that I had it cut last time, so recently I have been annoying the length of my hair.

That is how, I went to the barber with a little pleasure.
But, what I witnessed was...


Are you sure('д')!? Oh, goosh.

Taking my heart, I went to Buildig22 as usual.
Today's purpose was to look over studying abroad.
The application in University to study abroad will start soon. So I made up my mind to begin research. The result was...

It ended for 10 minutes.

aahh, this was unavoidable!!, yeah maybe, because I ran acrross to my friends in class after a long separation. Although I didn't intend to talk for long time, it was already 16:30 when I noticed.
Well, but it was fun to chat about many thing such as school, clubs, friends, studying abroad, and romantic relationships

After that, I went meeting of MUN@Waseda.
It finished with moderate results.

And after that, we shot off fireworks at near park lol.
The impression was that
The season of fireworks is very summer!
Today was too cold even to say fireworks for summer evening!
After we finished fireworks, we spent time in lenghy.

Now, I'll go to barber again, and I'll make my hair clean-cut!
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