『いくら背伸びをしてみても 相変わらず地球はじっくり回ってる。 今自分に出来ることを ひたすらに流されずにやってみよう。』 “少年” by ゆず
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study abroad☆②
2005-09-19 Mon 01:24
Today, I saw off my senior in my club. She will study in Washington University for 1 year.

Come to think of it, it was her that explained me the activities of MUN for the first time at the day of entrance ceremony...It was also her that advised me on study and activities of MUN.
I can say that I owed my survival in Spring Semester to her.

Now, that is how, I really appreciate her help. But sendoff seemed to be very simple(this might be because that I saw off her at Nippori station, not at Narita Airport). It was as if I said Good-bye at the end of a day. I had a quite strange feeling.

I wondered why I was so.
I also wondered that I'm simply cold-blood.

But now, I have another answer. That is, because we can get in touch with each other very easily though the physical distance between us is very long.
Reading web-log, we can know what he or she is like. Or using Skype, we can listen voice. Or using messenger, we can easily communicate each other.

Thinking it like this, I won't feel it is lonesome so much.

Well, in brief, I think that now is a very nice time.
In conclusion, I wish her success of Seattle life and her good health.
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