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2005-09-24 Sat 03:37
It seems difficult to go back to home tonight for research.

While research, I found an article that scratched my mind.
That is Special Report of the World's billionaires by Forbes.
According to that article, there are 691 billionaires in the world. Oh, to give a supplementary explanation, BILLIONAIRE means those who have fortune more than 1 billion U.S dollars (it amounts about 110 billion yen). And the richest person among them is Bill Gates. It is said that his net worth is nearly $46,5billion. Incidently saying, GDP of Vietnam is about $40billion.
The most surprizing thing for me is that Forbes says the net worth of these 691 billionaires is...
$2,2 trillion.
Incidently saying again, GDP of United Kingdom is $2,1trillion.
Huhh, the world is quite strange!!

Now, 1,2 billion people are living a day less than only $1. Now, 800 million people are suffering for hunger. Last year, 10 million children died because of hunger or desease or other avoidable reasons. Last year, nearly 3 million people who were infected with HIV died because they could not get medicine.

UNDP says that we need $50billion in next 10 years to improve these tragic situations dramatically, in other words to achieve Millenium Development Goals.

Well, I don't know whether we have the solution. However, I feel that we don't need miracle, much less God's salvation, but just our steady efforts.

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