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Another life
2005-10-13 Thu 02:18
When I'm very tired, I sometimes think it

that is,

"If I had not chosen what I'm doing now such as SILS, MUN, and Sympo, what would be my life like?"

Well, ofcourse I don't regeret my choices at all, and I keenly feel my choices were correct even now.

Neverthless, still, I cannnot stop my stupid delusion.

After all, I may not be able to be certain of myself. Perhaps, I'm always afraid of myself.

Am I really making progress, though I have made efforts hard
(this is just my view)?

Can I go abroad for study really?

I don't know the answers, well, no. I might not wanna know them.

Well, because I don't enough time, that's all today.

Thanks a lot for your first comment on my blog!!
Hmmm, your experience is very interesting!!
Maybe that's another key for reconsililation.
But the problem is that most people don't have the chances for that. It is not an easy solution either.

Ohhh, I'm sorry for my poor English.
I used "force" as the meaning of "army"
Extremely saying, my opinion about SDF is that,
①The main purpose of SDF is to protect people from foreign army ②I cannot find the direct enemy of Japan in East Asia excepting DPRK③Therefore, SDF is not so important.
Incidently, I'm not a communist lol.

Thank you for coming, but I'd like to know the reason of your handle name, "Pole"
I'm not excusing, but at that time, I had really appointment in Shibuya at 17:00.
Anyway, let's try our best!!

Thank you for coming again, and your precious advice
Anyway, now I don't think about TSA and ISA at all, because of cost(苦笑い)
If I applied to UW, I would apply to exchange. but, the thing is, the recquired TOEFL score is 237.
Wow, it's exactly same as my best score!
Well, I'm thinking about study aboroad additionally.
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