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2005-10-19 Wed 00:55
Because I was busy these days, I idled about my daily things.
And it made a tragity.
The most crucial thing was last training camp of Sympo (15,16)...

I went to camp without cleaning my room after morning class.
Well, the camp was hard as well as usual.
As well as last camp of Sympo, I could not go to bed.
But, that was ok, yeah, ok.
In the afternoon of 2nd day, we made guidelines for applicants.
The number of them was nearly 2000.
When we finished our work, we found a critical problem.
that is...
"How should we bring back them?"
There were only 25 members.
The problem was they could not bring back papers because their bags were already fulfilled.
...I got a forevoding.

and a member suggested a horrible solution,

"How about do we bring them to tarou's house? It is convinient for using"


The result is below


Wow!! How dirty our club room is!!(違)

It is hard to find, but the middle boxes are all containing guidelines for applicants.
Now, there are over 400 guidelines and more than 3000 pieces of handouts.
Sigh, I'd like to ask someone, "What is my room?"

Well, I could not be disappointed forever, so I started cleaning.
The result is below.
My room!!!

hah, I'm glad to find that I will be able to live in my room for more time lol.
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