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I noticed one thing
2005-11-05 Sat 00:59
Recent my articles are very dismal!!

Even though I'm busy and a little depressed, this is not good

That is how, I redifine my direction.

①I keep renewaling in English and force vistors to use English.
②Do not write complaints here(苦笑).

Then, below is today's article.

Today(yesterday exactly), I finished a big task, coordination of discussion.

Although I didn't have enough time for preparation, I'm very relieved taht I managed to do it.
Well, it is also fact that I have a lot of self-examination...

The theme I dealt with today is EFA and EKE.
Maybe some of you already know EFA(Education For All)
but, I wonder how many of you know EKE(Education for Knowledge Economy)

This idea is not so new, but it doesn't seem to be famous at all.
This may be because EFA had played a large part in educational development.

I don't know whether it caused the difficulties to research.
but, anyway, there are few sources about EKE.
so, I will go to the World Bank in Tokyo reluctantly next week for research.
What will it bring to me...?

I hope that you will go well.
well, I'll tell you about me sometime.
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