『いくら背伸びをしてみても 相変わらず地球はじっくり回ってる。 今自分に出来ることを ひたすらに流されずにやってみよう。』 “少年” by ゆず
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Renewal after a long separation ^_^;
2005-08-23 Tue 13:12
It has been more than 1week since I renewed last time
But there are some reasons for this...(though excuse)

reason1: Dial-up
Since 16 to 21, I was in my hometown. Ofcourse there is a PC in my house, and it connects up Internet. However, the way for connection is, say, dial-up. How slow and bad the line is!! To tell the truth, I tried to write article in my house twice. But I failed.
At the moments I contribute my articles.....
the PC FREEZED!! SHIT! How Fu●king PC!!
●ahoo BB and B-FRE●S seem to be still future story for us.

reason2: BG
In this week, I have written Background-Guide of Millennium Development Goals for the training of MUN. Well, it was much more difficult than I used to think. I didn't know the details of MDGs and how to write at all. Therefore, the result is naturally terrible. Entries for training, look forward to my failure lol.

Well, that is how. Although I guees that renewals will often delay from now on, please don't care of them.

Thank you for translating I tell you truly, I found Japanese definition According to it, [Poverty Gap] means '貧困層の人々の平均所得あるいは平均消費水準がどれだけ貧困線から乖離しているかを測り、貧しさの程度を測る指標', it say so. I cannot understand even this yet lol

Thank you for coming! but I'll be more happy if you use English!

Although it is too late, I appreciate your hard running in Hokkaido. Now, I linked my blog to yours, so please make sure.
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I love punk!
You said 'fu*king...'.
One of my favorite things is writing words.
I used this word many times .
Hey ,yes!
Oh no....be cool ...

I'm happy to see your new article.
'cuz you are one of my respect people ,
I wanna see more.

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Trying in English
It is long time that you didn't renew this blog, I was worried if you close it. I realy happy to see your renewal.

In this summer vacation, I didn't use English at all and since I am Uraguthi student, I'm afraid of writing a comment in English a little...

I'm also writing BG and it is about children's rights. Mm...

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