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Where is answer?
2005-09-09 Fri 00:04
Today's topic is serious, Poverty.
Encouraged by Masataka, I'm writing my opinion.

Yesterday, Human Development Report 2005 was published by UNDP.(日本語概要はこちら) It mainly discusses dissolution of unfairness, reform of international trade system, and security.
Since world leaders adopted Millenium Declaration, we have made efforts for poverty reduction according to Millenium Development Goals, and indeed the tendency to emphasize poverty reduction has been getting bigger.

HOWEVER, can the world really accomplish the goals?
Few of my friends know MDGs ITSELF, and even those friends don't know the CONTENTS and MEANINGS of MDGs.
Without understanding the problem, how can we solve it?

As I wrote last time, Katrina killed thousands of American people. Many people and victims must feel sad and ask THEIR god for help.
However, how many of them know that their government are making dicisions which will interrupt actions for poverty reduction, and may kill millions of people in result?

Thinking about such things, I feel very hollow...

The first step is to know the truth.
Despite now is the time to act specifically, many(or perhaps almost?) people have not made even the first step. It's quite regrettable for me.

I earnestly hope that All people make the first step.


hmmm, go back to English...

I don't want you to give up using English. I think you are misundrestanding that I'm writing in English. The reason why I'm writing in English is not I'm good at English, but I'd like to improve my English.
You cannot improve your English without using it.
Please try your best as much as you can like Keisuke

I appreciate your good job! But...
I don't wanna get used to her bad habit!
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interesting suggestion
I decided to reply a mail to you because your consciosness of this issue is worth to thinking and you are funny.

>Few of my friends know MDGs ITSELF, >and even those friends don't know the >CONTENTS and MEANINGS of MDGs.
>Without understanding the problem, how >can we solve it?

I am in a same position with you. Although I know the word, "poverty", but I do not know the meaning of this word. It seems to me that it is not possible for me to understand this word as a that of myself, if my living standard in Japan dramatically get bankrupted ( it has already bankrupted, though). I have an idea that such situation is true of MDGs. The thing we can do is to try to get a near position toward their sense of value to “poverty” and the world, in a basis on our point of view.

I stop writing it here in order to avoid a long massage in a reply. Judging from comment by Masataka, I have a promise to show my opinion as to this issue someday in my page.

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if i were transsexual, i would love you.
but i am male.(笑)

Thanks .
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